December 25, 2018

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* OS: Android 7.1.1, CPU:  MT6739
* Frequency Band: 4G LTE-FDD B1/3/5/7/20, WCDMA B1/2/5, GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900
* RAM 1GB + 16GB in flash
* Bluetooth / GPS Navigation / WiFi Supported
* Heart Rate Monitor, Pedometer, Multi Sport Mode
* 580mAh high capacity battery with new dock charger
* Built in 2MP Camera
* Display moving to light it
* Stylish popular private clock interface for choice
Pay Attention: There is only 580mah battery in watch. There is no extra power bank charger in package now! Because power bank is easy to cause fire, most of shipping company can not ship it.
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* High-level Hardware Specifications

Android 7.0 system, LEM7 smartwatch has the most hardware specs you can expect.


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* Large AMOLED Display

Bold and vibrant 1.39-inch AMOLED display, with a higher resolution 400×400 pixels.


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* High-definition Camera

LEM7 has 2 million megapixel HD camera. No matter you are in friends party or journey, you can clearly record.


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* A 4G Watch Phone
Built-in slot for nano sim card, support LTE-FDD 4G connection and handsfree phone calls. LEM7 also support WiFi hotspot.


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* Simutaneous translation
Clear sound quality and noissless,mandarin,quite like a shorthand assistant .Not only support the output of the speech translation,but also displat
the translation words,makes communication more accurate and efficeient
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Your prrfect companion
When you are tired of learnning,You can listen some music to get a rest.LEM7 also support bluetooth connection with earphone
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* Variety of Fitness Options
Equipped with heart rate sensor and multiple sports mode, the LEM7 Fitness app can track your basic vitals rather reliably.
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* Multi Sport Mode Options
Nine kinds of sports, such as outdoor walk, outdoor run, indoor run, ride bike, play basketball, play gootball, rope skipping etc.
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* GPS Navigation

Let the LEM7 fill in the GPS gaps when you leave your comparatively clunky smartphone at home or back in the office.


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* Voice Assistant
Built-in voice search, support voice recognition and voice operation.


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* Local Weather Forecast


LEM7 shows real-time weather from your local city.


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* Multiple Watch Faces
Built-in many watch faces to suit your personal style; also supports downloading watch faces from system servers online.


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* OTA Upgrade
To bring you continuous service, LEMFO engineers will send you OTA updating for more new features.


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* Simple and Sporty Design
LEM7 has a very sporty simple design. The titanium alloy body gave a comfortable weight to the watch;
Durable TPU strap blends nicely with the main body of the watch, feels very high quality.


HTB1V0RNdqAoBKNjSZSyq6yHAVXa6 LEMFO LEM 7 Review & specificationsHTB1_57vdZuYBuNkSmRyq6AA3pXaA LEMFO LEM 7 Review & specifications     HTB1Ckszd2uSBuNkHFqDq6xfhVXaS LEMFO LEM 7 Review & specifications
CPU MT6739
Operating system Android 7.0
Memory DDR3 1GB, EMMC:16GB
SIM Card Standby, hands-free call, Nano SIM
Frequency GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900
WCDMA B1/2/5
LTE-FDD B1/3/5/7/20
Touch screen AMOLED 1.39 inch round screen, 400*400 Pixel
Camera 2 million HD pixel
Multi-Media Music, video, recording
Bluetooth Support
WIFI Support
WIFI hotspot Support
GPS Support
Voice Search Support
Translation tool Support
Heart Rate Monitor Support
Pedometer Support
Data interface POGO PIN
Battery 580mAh
Dock Charger no,only new charger cable
Language Multi-language all over the world
OTA upgrade Support
Multi-Media Music, video, recording
Gesture Screen on raising, Pedometer service
Dial Diameter About 48mm
Mobile Assistant
Android Phone Support for original operating system version 4.4 and above (Setup-about device, view Android version)
IOS Phone Supports IOS 11.0 and above system versions. Can be set through the mobile phone-general-about the local, view version, if less than 9.0 version of the user please upgrade first.
App Scan QR code to download “Wiiwear” app
Function Call remind, message remind, remote camera, remote music, find phone